Why is Pharma Franchise important for Indian Pharmaceutical Market?

PCD pharma franchise is a right which is granted to the franchisees by a particular well established firm or the government enabling them to deal with specific commercial activities. Such commercial activities comprise of being acting like agents or marketers or one of the sales representatives for the products of the explicit group or company. Medicine franchisees deal with the proprietary products of the pharma company, promote their brands and the trademarks and thereby generate profits.

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Medicine Franchise Company- the Spine of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Some of the reasons why medicine franchise companies are considered as the spine of the pharma industry are stated as below:

  • To overcome the monopoly of the big pharma companies

With sufficient resources and control, the big pharma companies can beat any competition in the pharmaceutical market. But the start-ups do not possess such resources so they are unable to cope up with the high competition. However, pharma franchise allows these small or medium sized companies to face all these challenges by having healthy relationship with local medical experts.

  • Create Great opportunities

When it comes to large scale market, the pharma sector holds about 1.5% to 2% of the overall market share and it is on a rise with a fast rate of 10% every year. In such cut-throat pharmaceutical marketplace, becoming the best PCD pharma company in India is not easy. The new pharma companies may face problems in proper distribution and building the brand name in this highly competitive pharma industry. But with the help of a medicine Franchise model, it is much easier to cross the threshold.

In order to stand steadily against the big pharmaceutical companies and eventually to become the best PCD pharma company in India, a strong pharma franchise concept is needed. PCD pharma business is undoubtedly a first-rate way of earning great profits but you also need to invest in pharma franchise, rent, labour and a lot of other such costs which are needed to run the business.

PCD Pharma Distributors and their Types

Pharma establishment merchants or the advertising experts are an important part of Pharma Franchise in India. They are the key players in the market and the real deal generators. With the difference of their strategy for work, they can be separated in two classes.

Single Party Pharma Distributors

Single party PCD pharma distributors include a small group of individuals or a single individual taking up the franchise from pharma companies. They have fewer channels of distribution for further sale. The franchise owners buy drugs in bulk from the company and they further get prescription generated and medicines are made available to the nearby retailers of the medical practitioners.

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Multiple Party Pharma Distributors

Multiple party PCD pharma distributors are a large group of individuals or many single parties which are merged as one. They buy the pharma goods in bulk from the pharma companies and further distribute to their different channels and cover a vast area like multiple districts and state etc. The promotion as well as marketing of the pharma companies is easily met along with the sales generation targets. It is mandatory to own a whole sale drug license for all PCD pharma distributors in India.

Collaborating with PCD Franchise Companies

To collaborate with any PCD Franchise company, you must know their complete history. There are two segments of data which can be available for you. One is the external information and the other one is the internal information. External information can be available easily from different mediums like internet whereas the internal information is confidential which you can get from some typical but reliable sources.

You can get a complete list of top PCD pharma companies in Chandigarh but their history should be known first before you enter in to any such partnership agreements. If you don’t bother to research about the PCD pharma companies beforehand than it may result in serious loss for you like financial loss, your relationship with the medical practitioners can get affected and also you may lose your own credit worthiness in the pharma industry.

Quality Assurance – The key to a Successful PCD Pharma Company

In top PCD pharma companies in India, regulation is of great significance. It is indeed conceivable that to keep operating your large scale business, absence of any regulation can imperil the life of many innocent patients around the globe. That’s why, for the greatest benefits of mankind and life conservation, pharmaceutical administrative consistence is a science which controls and screens the entire pharma business.

Areas like procedure, alignment and item acceptance, quality confirmation and worldwide regulation are some parts of pharmaceutical administrative consistence. So, this can be known as the conductor through which each new medication manufactured by the top PCD pharma companies in India ought to navigate in its life cycle.

In pharmaceutical industry, quality affirmation of the medicines is a wide area that covers all matters which on the whole or exclusively impact the nature of medication or item. The certifications of quality can be divided in to four noteworthy ranges:

  1. Quality control
  2. Generation
  3. Circulation
  4. Testing

The different types of rules, standards as well as benchmarks to advance the quality affirmation is an essential part of WHO’s constitution. Despite of the fact that every individual belonging to the best PCD franchise company in India is incharge of value, some specific individuals from top administration have an obligation to cultivate such situation which advances cooperation and lays stress on quality.

The quality factor plays a major role in pharma industry as more clients are now becoming mindful as well as aware of what they use. Even bigger challenge or threat is the international market. The clients know how to prosecute the manufacturer for a single drift in product quality. Since more of US and European drug distributers prefer to trade in from the best PCD franchise company in India, assurance of higher standards of drug quality is a big job at hand for the company. And not only accurate but a faster quality checking rate is important for helping in drug manufacturing and increasing the profit.

What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise?

Indian pharma industry has emerged as a leading industry both domestically and globally. Today the Indian pharmaceutical sector is at fourth rank in terms of volume and thirteenth in terms of value internationally.  If you have a small or medium sized pharma business then it is very essential for you to invest in PCD pharma franchise.

Medicine franchise companies are the backbone of the pharma industry. They provide a crucial link between the Pharma manufacturing companies/ plants and the pharma professionals who want to start their business by associating with pharma companies. Both the partners get business opportunities where the pharma manufacturing company/ plant manufactures drugs for the medicine franchise companies and they further sell the products through the Pharma franchisees to the customers with a profit margin.

In the coming years with continued growth, the demand for quality and effective medicines will increase. The pharma companies will get a good growth in the coming time which will help the PCD pharma franchise business to grow as well. Thus, we can say that the future aspects of pharma franchise business are quite good.

Due to good scope of Pharma franchise business in India, there are various benefits that this business offers:

  • The best part of this business is that it does not need much investment which reduces any risk for the investors.
  • The income is in their hands as the more products they will sell the more they will earn.
  • Pharma franchise business enables the investors to start their business in their own region near their home unlike other jobs in the industry.
  • There is less pressure of work and the working hours are flexible.
  • Most of the reputed pharma companies provide a good marketing and promotional backup which helps in increasing the sales.

You can begin PCD franchise business for any of the domains in the pharmaceuticals. Many options are present in this sector which includes:

  • Generic medicine
  • Medical and Health supplements
  • Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine
  • Surgical distribution
  • Standalone pharmacy in residential areas
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Chain pharmacy
  • Township pharmacy

Pharma franchise business has a great scope and if you choose the right company, you will surely succeed.

Attracting the Best PCD Pharma Franchise Distributers

Pharma distributers are a vital aspect of marketing and sales. PCD Pharma companies appoint various types of pharma distributers such as single party distributers or multiple party distributers to sell their drugs in bulk. The best PCD pharma company in India manufactures and deals with thousands to lakhs units of drugs each day. As the company is situated in one part of the country, it needs good channels for distribution of its drugs across its markets. Pharma distributers are the best way to connect to a wider audience. They help in increasing sale, building brand value, reaching wider audiences and a lot more.

Some of the best ways to attract Pharma distributers are:

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  • Appointing dedicated Channel Managers

You can appoint a Channel Manager who is in direct contact with the pharma distributers and other medical professionals. The good salesmanship and marketing techniques of these channel managers help in convincing and attracting B2B customer base to make your company the best PCD pharma company in India. The pharma franchise distributers easily get convinced with these channel managers’ presentations.

  • Digital Marketing Techniques

Social media is a powerful tool for branding. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are quite helpful in attracting pharma franchise distributers. Facebook also provides the facility of sponsored post. You can adjust it as per the locality, profession, age, etc. These days, doctors are also interested in taking franchise of pharma companies in Chandigarh. Social media is an economical tool to reach out these doctors and distributers whether organic or paid.

  • Blogging

Blogging is also a potent tool for branding. The quality contents you write will not only promote your brand but build trust in mind of people. Blogging is a great way of reaching more and more people and influencing them with your words.

Many pharma companies in Chandigarh attract pharma franchise distributers with door-to-door promotions. Pharma newspaper advertisements, online portal advertisements, CIMS advertisements and drug books are some other ways used by the renowned companies to promote their business.

Glimpse of PCD Pharma Companies in India Today

Pharma industry is one of the most flourishing and sought after industries in India ranking 3rd in the world in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value. The market is highly fragmented with more than 5,50,000 retail oulets. The number is significantly increasing every year. In terms of global market, the PCD pharma franchise industry in India holds around 1-2% share which is increasing at a fast rate of 10% every year.


The pharma industry has experienced a major paradigm shift in the past few years. The reason being the pharmaceutical firms in the past used to store the products in warehouses before distribution but in recent times, the Clearing and Forwarding agents (CFAs) have taken charge of the distribution. After the CFAs, the distribution passes on to the stockists who in turn make these products available to the pharmacies which eventually pass them to the consumers.

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PCD pharma franchise in India operates under a gamut of policies which are mostly issued by the government and apply throughout the country. Some of these policies are:

Price Control- It contains the lists of the price controlled drugs, process of fixation of drug rates and penalties for contravention of the stipulated drug prices. These orders are meant to ensure that there is adequate supply of drugs and they are provided at a reasonable price. It also makes sure that the drug quality meets the required specifications, promotes rational use of drugs and strengthens the indigenous capability of drug production.

Intellectual Property Rights- It indicates the norms in respect to the following intellectual property rights:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Geographical indications
  • Protection of any undisclosed information about the product

Product Developments

Indian medicine franchise companies have started adapting to product development procedures and made their way in the international market by identifying the generic competitors to patent drugs and following up the necessary litigations to support the patent.

The pharmaceutical sector in India may be said to be uncertain and volatile but medicine franchise companies have risen up to the challenges put by measures like compulsory licensing, price controls and changing the FDI policy.

Tips to Choose the Best Pharma Companies for PCD Franchise Business in India

Starting a pharmaceuticals business is a great decision. The Indian pharma industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The best decision lies in choosing reputed PCD Pharma distributors. There are a number of factors which you need to consider before you choose any company for your future business opportunities. The better and renowned the pharma company is, the better will be your returns in future.

Here are some tips which will enable you to choose the best PCD Pharma Company for you:

    • Choose a company in accordance with the availability of particular products.
    • If the PCD pharma company is relatively known among the masses, it could be quite helpful in raising good demand.
    • You can seek views from people like clients, employees, etc. who have worked with them in order to know the details of the company personally.
    • The quality of the products should not be altered. The business is all about the sales of these products which will help you gain profits.
    • The packaging of products is also very important for preservation of quality of ingredients as well as for visual appeal of the products. So, you must have a look on the PCD Pharma companies’ products from this aspect.
    • The promotional material is very important for a PCD Pharma distributor’s business. You must check the range and quality of promotional inputs being provided by the PCD Pharma company.
    • All PCD Pharma companies in Chandigarh have their terms and conditions which can be partially / fully not in favour of you. Thus, shortlisting five to ten companies helps you choose better.
    • You should ask the rate and profit margin of the PCD Pharma companies in Chandigarh which is different from company to company. Higher is the profit margin, more profitable will be your business.
    • The company must have the required Government licenses as well as certifications like GMP, ISO, etc. You should always verify the certifications acquired by the pharma company as they mark the quality standards and regulations they have been following and serving.
    • Last but not the least, you can have a background check on the promoters as well as the management of the PCD pharma company.

Choose a PCD Company with Good Profile and Rich Marketing History

The concept of Propaganda Cum Distribution or PCD has proved to be quite successful for the Pharma Sector in India. This method of business provides many benefits to the agencies which go for the franchise system. However, it is also important that an agency must find the best PCD pharma companies for this business model.

While choosing a PCD pharma company, you must make sure that the company has a rich profile and a good marketing history as:

It is easy to introduce a company to a doctor: The reputation of the doctor is reliant on the medicines he prescribes. When the doctor evaluates any company, he gets the confidence that the company is doing good business for a long time and the quality of products is high.

Any New Product introduced in the market will be well accepted: Once the PCD pharma company gains the trust of the doctor, it is easy to introduce new products and ask for support without having to prove its quality every time.

Availability of Stock: A good pharma franchise company will understand that keeping more stock of medicines than required is important. The demand may fluctuate any time and doctors will not allow non-availability of the stock. An experienced PCD pharma company understands this need and will never go out of stock.

Rich Marketing Input: The marketing input quality and data which a reputed pharma franchise company in India will provide have a far better standard in comparison to a plain manufacturing company. This helps in creating a difference in the market and gain a good market share Adapt Advanced Technologies: Reputed PCD pharma companies understand and adapt suitable technologies which help in delivering better products as well as services to the customers.

Quality and Visual appeal of Packing: The proper packing is crucial for maintaining and preserving the ingredients of all Pharma products as well for visual appeal to the consumers. These standards are outlined in relevant Pharmacopoeias. The Pharma PCD Company must ensure that its products are packaged according to these standards. It should also make sure that it invests well enough to make its products presentable to end consumers.

Builds mutually rewarding relationships: The reputed Pharma Franchise companies know how to make a long-term relationship with the suppliers, pharmaceutical and healthcare communities as well as the field associates across the market. They always follow the highest ethical standards while conducting business.



Pharma Franchise involves monopoly rights which are given to franchisee by the pharmaceutical company. Pharma Franchise on monopoly basis is key to this business. Pharma Franchise business cannot be run effectively without monopoly rights. Monopoly rights give freedom to its franchisee to expand his business in the designated area, without the apprehensions of infiltration or interference by any co-franchisee. By signing few papers the PCD Pharma company and the franchisee mutually agree to support each other.

Pharma Franchise on monopoly basis
Pharma Franchise on monopoly basis

Steps in the Pharma franchise on monopoly basis business :

1. Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products: First of all, Pharma products are manufactured in Manufacturing Units which are certified with WHO-GMP, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO and / or 14001:2004 certificates. The sourcing of APIs and Expedients, manufacturing the products according to relevant guidelines (IP/ BP/ JP/ USP), QC and retention of samples during the life-time of that products are all responsibilities of the manufacturing plant. There are whole set of detailed guidelines which are followed for each of these steps.

2. Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products: After manufacturing comes Packaging. Packaging is important for protection, presentation and promotion of Pharmaceutical products. Type of packing depends upon the guidelines contained in the relevant Pharmacopeia(s) The examples of strip packaging for tablets are blister/ Alu-alu/ Poly-strip pack. If Packaging is presentable and attractive, then promotion can be done easily, which is also very important in Pharma Franchise business. Sometimes some compromise on packaging is done to make the products affordable (provided guidelines allow so) . But this compromise should be limited only to Packaging and not to manufacturing.

3. Ready products to PCD Pharma company : PCD Pharma company in Chandigarh takes its delivery from Manufacturing plants, which may or may not be owned by the same management. Manufacturing plant delivers finished products to Pharma franchise company/ PCD Pharma company and they store these products.

4. Distributors are appointed: PCD Pharma Franchise company gives Pharma Franchise of its products to its distributers on monopoly basis for allotted areas. Distributors give requisition of Pharma Products to the Pharma Franchise company and it delivers the products to distributors.

5. Distributors appoint MRs : Distributors further appoint MRs to reach medical practitioners of their area. Here MRs role is very important as prescription generation depends upon his work only. And this whole business depends on prescription generation.

6. Prescription is done: Then medical practitioner prescribes medicines to patients. Here quality of products matters a lot. If patient and the medical practitioners is happy with the medicine’s result, then only the medical practitioners will continue to prescribe that medicine.

7. Medicine is made available at Retail chemist shops : Then it is the major responsibility of Distributors to make the medicine available in medical stores.

Better the efficacy, bigger the Pharma Franchise business

So we can conclude that success of Pharma Franchise business depends on many factors. But product’s efficacy and work of MR are key factors.